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Are you ready to Stream or are you screaming? 

As you would have heard, most of the Rugby World Cup games will only be available online so this means that if you are having issues with your wifi then you will be screaming in frustration at your modem instead of screaming support for the All Blacks.


Don’t worry! getting sorted for the event is easy. 

Here is what you need to be ready for the RWC: 

A good internet connection, ADSL (the original generation of broadband) is the bare minimum, but it might not cut it. VDSL is better, but a fibre connection is the best option if you have it in your area. If you do have fibre in your area but are not connected to it then call your Internet Service Provider today to order it as is can take a couple of weeks to get sorted. 

Ideally, your speeds want to be above 10Mbps for download speed to stream Spark Sport but you still risk ending up with a poor quality picture around this speed so that is why we suggest VDSL or Fibre. 

Once you know that your connection is ready to stream then you’ll need to have the right technology to stream Spark Sport. There is a range of compatible devices that you watch the games on so you don't have to sit and huddle around your smartphone or tablet. 

If you are struggling to get good speeds on your wifi then this is where we can help you as we come to you to help sort it out and there is no need to spend hours on hold with your internet company.