Want to make your house smarter than you?

Did you know that building a smart home today is not nearly as intimidating or overwhelming as it initially seems?

It’s easy, especially if you start small and build little by picking and choosing the features that best suit your needs – and only as you can afford them – means that you can slowly add smart features to your existing home and often without having to do any major changes to your wiring in your house.

Adding Smart Home gadget can also help you increase the security when you are away and also with remote access to thing like heat pumps they can save you money on the power bill as you have full control of your heat pump when you are away from the house so can turn it off if you accidentally left it running 

Still, with all the options and techy words that go with them out in the market, it can seem very daunting. 

Here are some tips to help you get started:

WiFi Connection: All things smart need to be able to connect to the internet, if you have poor WiFi coverage then you have a high chance of striking issues when trying to set up and use your smart gadgets.   

What to buy first: Start your smart gadget collect with a Smart Speaker as this will help form the centre of your Smart Home ecosystem as you can then control all your Smart Home gadget via voice commands. There is a range of speakers on the market so do some research first as some are better than others and easier to set up and get running, you will also want to make sure they can talk to all smartphones and not just 1 kind. 

The easiest thing to make smart: Smart light bulbs are generally the best thing to install first, like the smart speakers there is a range of options but we fully recommend that you stick with the big-name brands like Philips as they offer great support and also add new products to their ranges often.  In some older NZ homes, you may find that your light sockets limit the options so speaking to an electrician on changing these out can help you get a better choice of bulbs. 

Got some fancy lights? You may find that the smart light bulbs won't work on all your lights, don't worry as there are also smart light switches that can easily replace your current switches. Ben Knows is able to supply these for you or your electrician to install, they have been tested to meet all the NZ standards for electrical safety so it won't be an insurance issue if anything happens as there are a lot of cheap ones on the market that haven't been tested.

Make your heat pump Smart: Did you know that you can buy a device that will make accessing your heat pump from anywhere in the world possible? It's easy and not that expensive to do this to an older heat pump or if you are building a new house then look for a brand that has WiFi built-in as this can give you even more control than the aftermarket devices. 

Smart home-security devices:  Smart doorbells let you monitor who’s coming to your doorstep even when you’re not home, using a camera and an in-app calling feature that uses two-way audio and one-way video. When the doorbell rings, your phone calls you with video. You can answer to talk or ignore the call completely, and if the app is synced to a smart lock – a deadbolt controlled via an app, or with a smart speaker using a PIN number that you say aloud – you can even let them in. The most popular smart doorbells use motion sensors to notify you when someone’s at your door and let you replay footage.

Smart Blinds or curtains:  If you are building a new house then you need to talk to Ben Knows as we have a range for smart blind and curtains switches that can be installed while you are building or if you are doing renovations to your home. These add an extra level of security while you are away as they can be programmed to close at a set time or randomly with you smart lights when you are not at home, another great benefit of these is that you can access them from your smartphone when you are going to be home late to close them and trap the heat in or to keep it out on a hot afternoon.

All seem a bit too much to understand book us in to come and talk it over? 


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