Running out of space on your devices?

Taking a few to many selfies and running out of space?

If you have a lot photos and videos stored on your the many gadgets that can take or store photos this can often be the cause of the low memory message popping up as these can take up a lot of your storage, a good fix for this is to use a good cloud backup solution I personally use Google Photos as there is a free plan with unlimited storage that will suit most people and you can download software onto your PC that automatically uploads the photos to Googles cloud storage, another great thing about Google Photos is that you can also download an app onto your Android or Iphone smartphones or tablets that will also automatically upload photos from those devices to the same place as the photos from your computer.

This means that you can then see all your photos from all your devices in one place as long as you have an active internet connection, and as these photos are up in the cloud it also means that you can deleted them from the memory of your devices to get rid of the annoying low on storage messages popping up.

If you think this is for you but are not sure on how to install Google Photos on your devices then book an appointment with Ben Knows today and we can get it sorted for you.

Make a Tech Support booking before the 06/03/2020 using promo code PHOTOS20 to get a $20.00 discount on the booking (not valid with another promos and only applies to Tech Support bookings).

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