Moving your Tech to a new house?

Pre-move: ​

Call your Internet provider at least 3 weeks before you move to find out what type of internet connection is available at your new house if they say ADSL then ask them to connect that, you can ask to upgrade to fibre in it is in the area once you have moved into your new place as a fibre connection can sometimes take weeks to get sorted. Also, make sure you get a message confirming all the jobs are booked in. 

Take photos of how it is all set up, this will help you a lot at the other end. 

Label all the cords so you know what they are for and where they are plugged in.

Take note of your WiFi settings like the WiFI name and the Password in case the modem is reset. 

Call or message your internet provider again about 1 week before you move to make sure it is all on track after you called them last time it has all been automated so there is no one looking at your order calling or messaging them will make them check everything is ok and ready to go.

Make sure you keep all the cords and cable with the devices they belong to in the same boxes to avoid a mad rush and arguments at the end of a busy day, also if you are moving from a place that has fibre make sure you leave the power cord for the fibre box there so the next people have it. 

See if you can go to your new place and check out where all the power points are located to see if you need any extension cables, it also pays to look for the TV aerial sockets and the sky plug if you need that too. 

Move-in day: ​

Try to pack all your gadget boxes together and ideally leave them until the end to avoid them getting damaged and all your other furniture will be set up and ready for them. 

Set up your WiFi modem first, it should just go but in some cases, if you are going from Fibre to ADSL you may need to reset it and enter in the WiFi details again (if you are not using the default ones) 

Once you have the TV on its stand look at the picture of the back of the TV that you took before moving to see how it all goes together.

Unwind you your cables and cords before you start plugging them all in, this means that they are less likely to get caught on things when you are trying to plug it all in. 

Once you have it all plugged in your WiFi connected gadget should just connect back up to the internet if the WiFI details are the same as they were before moving. 

Your TV's may need to be re-tuned to pick up Freeview at your new place but your Sky should just work if it doesn't call Sky and they will be able to help you over the phone. 

If all this seems way too much to worry about then check out our options to help you get your tech sorted for the move. 


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