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A Tech Translator's advice is just a phone call away!

Got a small issue on your computer that you just can't sort? 

Have you spent hours waiting for the Internet Service Provider to answer their phone because you have a computer issue and when they finally do you are told that they can't help you?

If you have some small issues with your PC or other gadgets around the house then check out the options below to book in a call with a Tech Translator to help you work out what is going on. 


We can also send you a link and log into your computer remotely so we can then see what you can see as this helps us sort computer issues a lot quicker.  

If we can't fix your issue on the phone call then you can book an appointment for an In-Home tech visit with a Tech Translator and we will give you a $20.00 discount on that booking. 

Book in a phone call below! 

30 Minutes booking $34.50

This will book you 25 minutes to talk with a Tech Translator over the phone to answer questions that you have about smartphones or solve small tech issues or answer techy questions.

This is a phone booking and not and in-person visit

1 Hour booking  $50

This will book you 1 hour with a local tech translator over the phone to help you sort your tech issues. Don't forget to provide a number for us to call you on! 

This is a phone booking and not and in-person visit

Full payment required via our secure credit card portal before booking is accepted, we will send you a booking confirmation and email to confirm payment has been made.  

*We will charge in 15 Minute blocks at $65 per hour for anytime over the time the booking allows.