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Finding it a hassle to organise the comms into your new properties? 

Ben Knows can help you get your comms sorted!

By hiring Ben you will be getting 15 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry including 2 years working for a local fibre company arranging for fibre to be installed into new developments. Big or small Ben Knows will take the hassle out of dealing with the local network companies because you will only have to deal with me while I deal with the teams in Network Companies so that means you only have 1 person to ask when you need to know answers. 

I will also make sure that the network companies have all the address data for your development and this will also mean that LINZ and the phone companies will get access to this data so the future tenants of the new properties don't have any issues getting service. 

Services I can provide

  • Work with the local network providers to ensure that you will have enough capacity to meet current and potential tenant needs.

  • Ensure that the network providers contractors are booked in on the dates needed to do the work to avoid delays to your site. 

  • Work with your electricians to make sure that you have a future proof build. 

  • Ensure that your address data meets the standards required by LINZ and the network providers so there are no delays for the new tenants when they are trying to get connected. 

  • Go over what you can do to avoid delays for your tenants' connections.

  • Set up your computers and any other tech in your site offices and work with your Internet provider to get it all going. 

  • If you are adding smart tech into your developments I can provide advice and support to the tenants to get it all going on your behalf. 

  • If you are doing a residential development I can help get the Fibre fully installed into your new houses before the tenants move in so there are no delays for their internet connections. 

Call now to make an appointment with Ben on 03 669 3131.