Has your business got a digital voice? 

Seen some google reviews about your business but have no idea how to respond to them or just don't have the time to sort it? 

This happens to a lot of small businesses here in New Zealand.

It is so easy to set up a company here you fill out some forms online then you get an accountant and start off selling your products and services and only start to think about google once people start leaving reviews about your business. 


Still using a free email address? 

So many small businesses are using an email address that ends in xtra.co.nz or gmail.com, this is great for your personal stuff but having your own domain name looks more professional and it also means that you have an email that is for work that can be easily sold on with the business in the future. Having a hosted email also means that you are not tied into a contract with an internet company so you are free to move to an internet provider that gives you the best value for your money. 

Need a new phone number maybe an 0800 number?

Ben Knows is able to help you set up a new local number or even an 0800 number and you can even have it go straight to your mobile phone if you are out and about a lot. All of the phone services we provide come with voicemail and you can even customise your own hold music.    

How's your website looking?

Do you even have a website? If not you need one! it is easy to set up a small website that has the basic info about what your business does and how to get hold of you, Facebook pages are great but they can be taken down at any time if Facebook decides to do so. 

Having a small website is the best way to be more in control of your information and doesn't have to cost a lot to set up and run, and the best thing is you are in control of what you want on it.  

So how do you give your business a digital voice and fix this?

Ben Knows can help you get control of your reviews set up hosted email and get you a small simple website and help you learn how to give your business a digital voice so you can thank the people that take the time to leave some good words about your business and also learn how to respond to the not so good words that are often left by people that might be bending the truth. It's not hard once you know-how and that is why we have Tech Translators that can translate all the tech speak and make it easy for you to understand.

Click the button below to make a booking with a Business Tech Translator to come and help you get your tech issues sorted.

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